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dispsoable sterilized chromic catgut plain catgut sutures

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Diposable sterilized Surgical Catgut Suture ,chromic suture, plain sture 




PLAIN/CHROMIC CATGUT SUTURE is an absorbable sterile surgical suture composed of purified connective tissue (mostly collagen) derived from either the serosal layer of beef (bovine) or the submucosal fibrous layer of sheep (ovine) intestines.

PLAIN/CHROMIC CATGUT SUTURE meets all requirements established by the United States Pharmacopeia (U.S.P.) for Absorbable Surgical Suture.



PLAIN/CHROMIC CATGUT SUTURE is indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, including use in ophthalmic procedures, but not for use in cardiovasular and neurological procedures.



When PLAIN/CHROMIC CATGUT SUTURE is placed in tissue, a moderate tissue inflammation occurs characteristic of foreign body response to a substance. This is followed by a loss of tensile strength and suture mass, as the proteolytic enzymatic digestive process dissolves the surgical gut. This process continues until the suture is completely absorbed. Absorption of PLAIN/CHROMIC CATGUT SUTURE is essentially complete between 30 to 60 days.



The use of this suture is contraindicated in patients with known sensitivities or allergies to collagen or chromium, as gut is a collagen based material, and chromic gut is treated with chromic salt solutions.



As with any foreign body, prolonged contact of this or any other suture with salt solutions, such as those found in the urinary or biliary tracts, may result in calculus formation.

This suture, being absorbable, should not be used where extended approximation of tissue is required.

Do not resterilize. Discard open, unused sutures. Store at room temperature. Avoid prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures.

Users should be familiar with surgical procedures and techniques involving gut suture before using PLAIN/CHROMIC CATGUT SUTURE for wound closure, as the risk of wound dehiscence may vary with the site of application and the suture material used.

Acceptable surgical practice should be followed with respect to drainage and closure of contaminated or infected wounds.

The use of this suture may be inappropriate in elderly, malnourished, or debilitated patients, or in patients suffering from conditions which may delay wound healing.

The use of supplemental nonabsorbable sutures should be considered by the surgeon in the closure of sites which may undergo expansion, stretching, or distention or which may require additional support.

Certain patients may be hypeersensitive to collagen or chromium and might exhibit an immunological reaction resulting in inflammation, tissue granulation or fibrosis, wound suppuration and bleeding, as well as sinus formation.


In handling this or any other suture material, care should be taken to avoid damage from handling. Avoid crushing or crimping damage due to application of surgical instruments such as forceps or needle holders.

Adequate knot security requires the accepted surgical technique of flat, square ties, with additional throws as warranted by surgical cicumstance and the experience of the surgeon. The use of additional throws may be particularly appropriate when knotting monofilaments.

The surgeon should avoid unnecessary tension when running down knots, to reduce the occurrence of surface fraying and weakening of the strand.

Under some circumstances, notably orthopedic procedures, immobilization by external support may be employed at the discretion of the surgeon.


Adverse effects associated with the use of this device include: wound dehiscence, variable rates of absorption over time (depending on the type of suture used, the presence of infection and the tissue site), failure to provide adequate wound support in closure of sites where expansion, stretching or distension occur, etc. , unless additional support is supplied through the use of nonabsorable suture material, failure to provide adequate wound support in elderly, malnourished or debilitated patients or in patients suffering from cancer, anemia, obesity, diabetes, infection or other conditions which may delay wound healing, allergic response in patients with known sensitivities to collagen or chromium which may result in an immunological reaction resulting in inflammation, tissue granulation or fibrosis, wound suppuration and bleeding, as well as sinus formation, infected wounds, moderate tissue inflammatory response characteristic of foreign body response, calculi formation in urinary and biliary tracts when prolonged contact with salt solutions such as urine and bile occurs, and transitory local irritation.


PLAIN/CHROMIC CATGUT SUTURE is available in size 6/0 to 3 (U.S.P.) and supplied as needled suture and ligature, sterilized by irradiation, packaged in a conditioning fluid containing isopropanol and water.


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Chromic or plain Catgut with needle


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