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homecare one terminal Oxygen Concentrator

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Min.Order Quantity: 50 /Sets

Supply Ability: 10000 /Sets per Month

Port: Shanghai

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

FOB Price: USD$ 782 - 802 /Set

Oxygen concentrator of LFY-F-5A Oxygen concentrator of LFY-F-5A with 220v takes in air to get the oxygen of high concentration (≥90%) by the pressure swing adsorption(PSA) principle.LFY-F-5A divided its body, intake filter and the oxygen outlet into three parts and the body is installed outside the room . The self-sealing outlet with restricting plug and intake filter are installed indoor. The quantity of outlets will accord with what is in demand (no more than pcs). The body outside the room connects the oxygen outlet by a pipe, an the intake filter in the room connects the body outside through another pipe, too. The oxygen concentrator starts to work by the wireless remote control, the air in the room is pumped into the body outside the room after it is filtered by the intake filter in the room and oxygen will come to each outlet in the room through the oxygen pipe . When you insert the plug with restricting flow hole, the oxygen will send out into the room. If you insert the humidifier with plug, after connecting nasal oxygen cannula, the oxygen will be offered to people breathing.The oxygen concentrator suck the air with the filter in the room, refreshing the room air and improving the air quality. Oxygen concentrator of LFY-F-5A with warming up and insulating device can work on the sub-zero 30℃conditions.


Dimension(mm):616X242X522(L W H)
Out Packing Dimension(mm):690X330X588 (L W H)


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