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Polishing Brushes

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Dental Small Brushes

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Min.Order Quantity: 10,000 /Pieces

Supply Ability: 10,000,000 /Pieces per Month

Port: Shanghai

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

FOB Price: USD$ 0.108 - 0.132 /Piece

Dental Small Brushes Specifications

Small Brushes, dental polishing brushes , Dental brushes,

Small Brushes, dental polishing brushes , Dental brushes,


1. Brass Wire brush with handle-------No. 001A

2. Steel wires brush with handle-------No. 001B

3. Fleece brush with handle-------------No. 001C-1

4. Bristle brush with handle--------------No. 001D

5.Horsehair brushes with handle-------No.001E

6. Grey fleece brushes with handle----No.001C-2

7. Star shape bristle with handle--------No.002D

8. Star shape horsehair brush with handle----No.002E

9. Star shape Fleece brush with handle--------No.002C

10.Cup shape Brass wires with handle---------No.003A

11. Cup shape Steel wires with handle---------No.003B

12. Pen shape Brass wires with handle---------No.004A

13  Cotton Thread wheel with handle-------------No.005F

14. White cloth wheel with handle-----------------No.005G-1

15. Yellow Glued cloth wheel with handle-------No.005G-2

16. Pole shape Felt wheel with handle-----------No.006H

17. Warhead shape Felt wheel with handle-----No.007H

18. Round Tip inverse Taper shape Felt wheel with handle-----No. 008H

19. Nylon Fibre wheel with handle--------------No.005I

10. New type Resin Wheel with Handle------No. 001J1

11. Deerskin wheel with handle------------------No.005K

12. Bristle brush without Handle-----------------001AW

13. Soft Felt wheel without Handle--------------00GW

14. Hard Felt Wheel without handle-------------005HW(W-2)


Packing: 100pcs/bag

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