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disposable dental chair headrest tray covers sleeves

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disposable dental chair headrest tray covers sleeves Specifications

Disposable Dental Chair Covers, for dental clinic, disposable protective cover, sleeve, sheath, high demand denta

Disposable Dental Chair Cover

C13 Plastic cover for headrest -1 Disposable,HL-6571
10"x11" ,250PCS/BOX, 12BOXES/CTN 0.06CBM
Plastic cover for headrest-2 Disposable,HL-6572
10"x14" 250PCS/BOX, 12BOXES/CTN 0.06CBM

C14 Plastic cover for full chair-1 Disposable HL-6574
29" x80" (thick) 125PCS/BOX , 3BOXES/CTN 0.043CBM
Plastic cover for full chair-2 Disposable HL-6575
48"x56" 125PCS/BOX 3BOXES/CTN 0.043CBM

Plastic cover for full chair-3 Disposable HL-6576
29" x80" (thin) 125PCS/BOX3BOXES/CTN 0.043CBM

C15 Plastic cover for instruments tray-1 Disposable HL-6568
11-5/8" x 16" 500PCS/BOX6BOXES/CTN

Plastic cover for instruments tray-2 Disposable HL-6569
10-1/2" x 14" 500PCS/BOX6BOXES/CTN

C16 Plastic cover for X-ray machine tip Disposable HL-6577
15" x26" 250PCS/BOX4BOXES/CTN

C17-1 Plastic cover for high speed Handpiece Disposable,HL-6566
1"x8" 550pcs/box36boxes/ctn 0.042CBM

C17-2 Plastic cover for low speed Handpiece Disposable,HL-6565
1-1/2"x8" 500pcs/box36boxes/ctn 0.042CBM 36x30x24cm

C18 Sleeve for air+water syringe Disposable,HL-6562
-Blue 2-1/2"x10" 500pcs/box36boxes/ctn 0.042CBM

C19 Plastic cover for half chair-1 Disposable,HL-6563
Clear, 2-1/2"x10" 500pcs/box 36boxes/ctn

Plastic cover for half chair-2 Disposable HL-6573
27-1/2" x24" 250PCS/BOX3BOXES/CTN

C20 Plastic cover for 3way syringe Disposable HL-6578
7-3/10" x5" 500PCS/BOX 36BOXES/CTN 0.043CBM

C21 Plastic cover for SCALER Disposable HL-6579
1-3/5" x 8" 500PCS/BOX 36BOXES/CTN

C22 Plastic cover for Mouth Mirror Disposable HL-6564
1-1/2"x8" 500PCS/BOX 36BOXES/CTN

C23 Plastic cover for light handle Disposable HL-6567
4" x 5-3/4" 500PCS/BOX 36BOXES/CTN

C24 Plasti cover for Digital X-ray sensor Disposable, HL-6581
2-1/2" x 10" 500PCS/BOX 36BOXES/CTN 50x32x31cm

C25 Plasti cover for X-ray Sensor Disposable, HL-6582
8"x 1-5/8" 500PCS/BOX 36BOXES/CTN 40.5 x30x21cm

C26 T-style light handle sleeve Disposable, HL-6583
6"x 2-9/10" 500PCS/BOX 36BOXES/CTN

C27 Intral Oral camera Sleeve HL-6580,
6-layer of advanced design 100pcs/box 36boxes/carton




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