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Colostomy Bags

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Two piece open embedded disposable colostomy bags

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FOB Price: USD$ 1.07 - 1.17/Piece

Medical Consumables Two piece open embedded disposable colostomy bags



10pcs /box,



1. Clear the skin around the stoma with tepid water or saline.

2. Cut the hole on the skin barrier according to the stoma size and shape.

3. Put the gauza on the stoma to prevent the exudates from outflow during sticking of skin barrier.

4. Open the clamp.

5. Close the ostomy bag with the clamp.

6. Peel off the release paper.

7. Let some air into the bag in case of layers of the ostomy bag sticking together. Put the skin barrier on the stoma area and press it from bottow up to make it completely conglutinate with the skin.

8. Open the end of the ostomy bag and make the excrement out into the toilet. Clean and dry the bag for next use.


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