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stainless steel plain ring handle acupuncture Needles

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Min.Order Quantity: 10000 /Pieces

Supply Ability: 10000000 /Pieces per Month

Port: Shanghai

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

FOB Price: USD$ 0.013 - 0.02 /Piece

Products Specification:


Traditional style acupuncture needle , we have sterile ring type brass handle, and silver plating ring handle , because of it’s Concept of green health , it has been widely accepted and used all over the world in clinic treatment and beauty area.

Used Stainless steel needle , with scientific rigidity and elasticity, easy to operate and use,

with awn of wheat shape of needle tip , make the needle sharp to reduce the resistance and pain feeling, and with silicon oil treating, make needle smooth to inserting needle, blister packing, with plastic tube , or without tube. With the development of times, we highly produce disposable sterile for single use, face to international market , suit for different country’s using habits.

Needle size: normal size length 13-75mm, diameter 0.18-0.40mm

Packing: A: 5pcs of blister packing or 10pcs of blister packing , use the Austrian filter

paper, perfectly guarantee the E.O. gas sterilizing results and ensure the period of validity 3-5 years.

B: 5pcs of 10pcs of Aluminium Foil Package.

C: 10pcs/ Polybag (with plastic tube)

Our special design for the mould of blister packing, can fix the position of the ring of handle, make the products no moving , by this way, to protect the needle tip, keep it sharp, straight , no damage, no barb.

The plastic sleeve, was widely used for exporting products. It can help doctor insert needle at exact position, and because it makes needle invisible, patients won’t feel nervous and fear, so, easy for doctor and patients.


Products produced and checked quality base on international standard-ISO17218


CE, ISO13485, FDA approved. 


Acupuncture Needle Size, Diameter and Length:

0.18x7mm, 0.18x13mm

0.20x13mm, 0.20x25mm, 0.20x40mm

0.25x13mm, 0.25x25mm, 0.25x40mm, 0.25x50mm, 0.25x60mm,0.25x75mm

0.30x25mm, 0.30x40mm, 0.30x50mm, 0.30x60mm, 0.30x75mm, 0.30x100mm, 0.30x125mm

0.35x25mm, 0.35x40mm, 0.35x50mm, 0.35x60mm, 0.35x75mm, 0.35x100mm, 0.35x125mm

0.40x25mm, 0.40x40mm, 0.40x50mm, 0.40x60mm, 0.40x75mm, 0.40x100mm, 0.40x125mm


Needle Handle length and Needle body length:

13x7mm, 20x13mm, 25x25mm, 30x40mm, 30x50mm, 30x60mm, 30x75mm

45x100mm, 45x125mm,


Wrapping Handle Workshop 


Cleaning working workshop


In producing proces


Laboratory for inspecting Acupuncture Needles Quality 


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